Our Story

In 1996, OzoGroup’s Chairman Mr. Mario Muscat founded OzoSystem Ltd, and since then the company has evolved as a market leader in services industry.

OzoGroup comprises the following 12 companies; OzoMalta, OzoGozo, OzoAcademy, OzoSecurity, OzoSystem, OzoResources, OzoProperties, OzoHospitality, OzoChemicals, OzoCare, MJAM and HSCL. The group today employs more than 2,200 dedicated employees, who have been professionally trained in-house
at OzoAcademy.

Over the past 20 years, OzoGroup has obtained considerable professional experience and built a solid reputation in the service industry, which is what led to its 99% customer
retention rate.

OzoGroup is currently investing in new premises to continue the growth of the business and the facilities for its clients. We are also the first local company to encourage the largest employee union to reach out to our staff and recruit members.

Integrity, Trust & Respect

Respect is Earned ~ Honesty is Appreciated ~ Trust is Gained ~ Loyalty is Returned. These values guide our business and serve as the foundation of all our interactions.

Passion to Succeed

We are passionate about our work. We believe that motivation and drive are essential to success.

Celebrate Diversity

“Strength lies in differences, not in similarities.” ~ Stephen Covey
Our recruitment policy reflects our strong belief in diversity.

Continuous Improvement & Learning

“Continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection” – Mark Twain
We provide our employees with opportunities for continued growth and development within the company.



European Business Award for National Champions, Best Company in Europe (in the under €25m turnover category)


OzoGroup becomes Malta’s largest private sector employer

OzoGroup was created, awarded European Business Award for Growth & Sustainability, listed as one of the 1000 Companies to Inspire Europe, by the London Stock Exchange Group, joined Elite Group

OzoGroup joined General Workers Union

OzoGroup takeover of company to become OzoProperties

Founding of OzoCare, OzoGozo, OzoResources

OzoGroup’s 20 year anniversary


Rebranding of OzoSystem to reflect the company’s growth

ISO certification awarded; founding of OzoAcademy


Founding of OzoSecurity

OzoGroup becomes local franchisee for CPI


First contract awarded for cleaning of EasyJet aircraft


Brought to Malta the first chewing gum removal system – GumBusters


Sustained growth in the company, focus on core cleaning and upholstery business


Founding of OzoSystem

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