OzoCare offers professional care services brought to you by the leading service provider OZOGROUP. The company serves as a bridge between assisted living solutions, hospitals and clinics and the elderly and allows people with special needs, the elderly and people suffering from dementia or other lifestyle hindering diseases, to remain in their homes, go for coffees or walks and continue their daily routine, resulting in a healthier life and less stress from having to change their lifestyle.

People want to stay in their community and in the comfort of their own home, it is always heart-breaking to tell a person that he or she cannot live in their home any longer because “there is no one to take care of you”.

OzoCare will allow people to continue with their daily routine with an Ozo Carer ready to assist with any requirement the patient may need.

OzoCare will provide a number of packages tailor-made for various solutions and these services can be provided in the patients’ homes or in hospitals, the services will include a: Live-in or Live out carer, Cleaning services, 24/7 Helpline, Maintenance service, Transport to and From Hospital, Security Services, On Call nurse and Optional Meal delivery amongst others
Our Motto at OzoCare is: When there is a Friend in need, OzoCare is a Friend indeed.

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Contact Details

Brian Calleja
General Manager
Email: bcalleja@ozocare.com.mt
Mob: 79474707


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