Maintaining cleanliness standards is a must for any hotel, so our trained housekeeping attendants are always ready to deliver an excellent service.


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We go beyond a clean surface

We know how important it is for hotels to retain their cleanliness score and to give their guests the ultimate experience of Malta and Gozo – after all, most of the Islands’ four- and five-stars hotels entrust us with keeping their bedrooms, lobbies and other areas sparkling clean.

This has allowed us to build a reputation as the leading provider of housekeeping attendants on the Island, but experience alone just isn’t enough. To build on our commitment to provide you with the high-quality service we have become synonymous with, all our attendants have now undergone a week-long training course at OZO Academy.

Housekeeping Services

outsource your supervisors

Ensuring that housekeeping attendants do their job well is essential to retain your standards and keep your guests happy. This is something we truly believe in, which is why we have a number of qualified supervisors ready to join your team.

Housekeeping Services

Trainer Services

Why use up your team’s paid time to train your housekeeping staff when you can use the services of one of our trainers for free? If you’re already outsourcing housekeeping attendants from us, then we’ll be happy to send you a fully-qualified and certified trainer to instruct the rest of your team in the art of housekeeping. The best part? It’s free-of-charge!

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