OZO Group’s Overseas Expansion

The group’s strategy for the upcoming years is to consolidate its position in the local market whilst looking to expand internationally. Earlier in 2022, OZO opened its first international branch. Since establishment in Budapest, OZO is already offering its services to several international hotel chains in the Hungarian capital.

In 2023, Valletta Manpower Services (VMS) became the latest addition to the OZO family and marks our entry into the Middle East, with our first office located in Lusail, Qatar.

The Group is confident that with proper and continuous investment in our human resources, we can reach and service international clients professionally, and forge a commercial relationship built on reciprocal trust.

It’s about our people, values and business ethics.

Our Vision

To explore and invest in new business opportunities and emerging economies by extending our reach to new niches and markets.

Our Mission

To achieve excellence and build strong business relationships across different markets. We are committed to empowering our people to be the best version of themselves and provide high-quality service consistently.

Our Values


We deliver on our promise and are committed to meet and exceed expectations.


We care for our people and embrace different perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences.

Continuous Improvement

Our passion for knowledge, self-improvement and life-long learning is insatiable


People are the core of our business, and we treat everyone with fairness, compassion, and dignity.

OZO's Pioneering Commitment In The Battle Against Modern Slavery

OZO remains committed to actively confronting and taking a pioneering role in the fight against modern slavery. We have established robust mechanisms to ensure that our employees and the broader market comprehend the issue of modern slavery. We are dedicated to doing everything within our power to assist our clients, supply chains, and industry partners in eradicating this reprehensible crime from our collective endeavours.

Awards & Recognition

This list of notable awards recognises Ozo Group’s achievements and consistent excellence throughout the years.

Our Group of Companies

Committed to Quality, Equality & Sustainability

Ozo Group measures its success in the long-standing relationships it has built with its clients, as well as the new ones being forged. Along the way, Ozo Group has also garnered a number of prestigious nominations and awards that bear testament to its achievements and the consistent excellence of its services.