Who we are

Ozo Group is a leader among Maltese investment companies and is proud to be home to enterprises from wide-ranging sectors. Its humble beginnings as a family-run business in 1996 have had a hand in uniquely shaping what has become one of Malta’s most renowned group of companies.

What has remained in the background of the company’s continuous growth and its consistent and continuous success stories, are the strong foundations of respect and excellence, passed down directly from founder and chairman Mario Muscat. Home to 3,500 employees, Ozo Group prides itself on the dedication and care its dynamic team shows towards clients across sectors ranging from hospitality to security, manufacturing, education, human resources and real estate.

In 2022, Ozo Group opened its first international branch in Budapest, Hungary through one of the subsidiaries, but this is far from the only international relationship fostered by the investment company. Ozo Group has been a full member of the London Stock Exchange Group’s ELITE programme since 2018 and remains the first and only local business to achieve this coveted certification. A landmark research conducted by the London Stock Exchange named Ozo Group among 1,000 companies to inspire Europe, and for three consecutive years, the Group has also been named National Champions by the European Business Awards, and presented with the Equality Mark certification for equality in the workplace.

So what is Ozo Group’s recipe for success? Our commitment, reliability and passion have been the glue that has held our business together throughout the years. And our secret ingredient? Investing in our people above all else.

“I like to be involved in the process of all ongoing projects, but that doesn’t mean that I need to take every decision. I delegate – that’s why we engage managers, I trust them and without trust you can’t do much. I make sure I know what’s going on, so I am quick to respond when someone asks for an opinion, but I let the team excel too”
- Fabio Muscat OZO Group’s CEO

Our Story

The first chapter of our story began with one man, a business idea and all of 5 employees. When chairman of Ozo Group Mario Muscat first founded Ozosystems Ltd. in 1996, the company was a carpet and upholstery cleaning service.

The years that followed were witness to several important milestones and achievements, starting with the introduction of the first chewing gum removal system in Malta, to the attainment of larger jobs such as the cleaning of aircraft. By 2014, OZO Academy and OZO Security had been established.

A decade after its inception, Ozosystems Ltd. changed its name to OzoMalta, and started shifting towards outsourcing. This was the year that saw the establishment of Ozo Properties, following the acquisition of Condominium Services Ltd., the setting up of the Adopt a Family Charity Foundation, and the signing of a new collective agreement with the General Workers’ Union for the company’s employees.

2016 was also the year that heralded in new branding for the ever expanding Ozo Group, and a new CEO, Fabio Muscat who, as the founder’s son, has successfully kept the business in the family.

The six years that followed were busier than ever. The establishment of Mediclean JV was swiftly followed by the procurement of the cleaning of Mater Dei Hospital and Sir Anthony Mamo Oncology Centre. In the same year, 2019, the Group moved into the Ozo Group Business Centre in Qormi, and this was also the year that saw founder and chairman Mario Muscat receiving the Employer of the Year Award.

Just a year later, Ozo Group moved into the recruitment and marketing sectors by welcoming Tailwag and ELEVEN54 onboard, while Ozo Security made important investments in the latest technology within the industry. More prestigious awards were in the cards for Ozo Group in 2020, this time for CEO Fabio Muscat, who received Malta’s Best Business leader of the Year and Best Family Business Entrepreneur of the Year at the Malta Best Entrepreneur of the Year Awards.

Ozo Group continued to expand and diversify its operations in 2022 by investing in Haileybury School in Malta and becoming a professional partner of an international group in Budapest, officially extending its operations overseas. In 2022, Fabio Muscat also received best business leader of the year for 2022.

Today, Ozo Group’s businesses operate in various industries and sectors, including human resources, hospitality, security, catering, marketing, landscaping, real estateeducation and outsourcing.

Driven by the strong values and powerful vision that have been at the Group’s core since its inception, together with innovation and perseverance, of chairman Mario Muscat and CEO Fabio Muscat, the next chapter of our story promises to be as successful as our past, and we remain committed to deliver.

Our History

OZO is an award-winning complete service and was the first company to form part of Ozo Group. It was founded in 1996 as Ozosystems Ltd, and was originally focused on the cleaning sector.

Since then, the company has grown considerably and now offers a variety of services, including manpower services of hospitality personnel, food & beverage, manufacturing, and retail, among several others. Calling back to its roots, OZO also offers highly specialised cleaning and sanitisation services to its clients, but has broadened its spectrum to industries such as aircraft, post-construction and large events.

The three fundamental pillars that have forged and sustained this successful company are customer care, training and excellent standards. It was the first in its industry to be certified with the ISO 9001, the highest possible standard in Quality Management Control.

OZO utilises Ozo Academy, which provides training to its employees on customer care, health and safety, and cleaning methods. This ensures that clients receive the best service and the best solutions. The company does not stop there. OZO works in partnership with every one of its customers to understand the challenges and requirements of each task, which helps design sustainable services of high value in line with the needs of each individual client.

As a company, OZO prioritises quality and efficiency of service delivery, whilst adding maximum value to its clients’ business.


Mario Muscat founded the first company, Ozosystems Ltd., a carpet, and upholstery cleaning service company employing a total of 5 employees at the time.


Introduced the chewing gum-removal system in Malta; the first of its kind.
Cleaned the first aircraft. By securing larger jobs, the company generated more employment opportunities.


Ozosystems Ltd. changed its name to OzoMalta; steering its business strategy towards outsourcing of services.

New branding for Ozo Group, whose subsidiaries included Ozo Systems, Ozo Malta, Ozo Gozo, Ozo Academy, Ozo Care and Ozo Security at the time.

Signed a new collective agreement for the employees with the General Workers’ Union
Fabio Muscat, Mario’s son, was appointed CEO of Ozo Group.

Ozo Properties was established after taking over Condominium Services Ltd. Adopt a Family Charity Foundation was set up during this year.


OZO Academy and OZO Security were established.


Mediclean JV was established and awarded the cleaning of Mater Dei Hospital, and Sir Anthony Mamo Oncology Centre.

The Group moved into its state-of-the-art Ozo Group Business Centre in central Qormi.

Founder and chairman, Mario Muscat, was presented with the Employer of the Year Award.


Moved into the recruitment and marketing sectors by welcoming Tailwag and ELEVEN54 to the Ozo Group family.

Ozo Security invested heavily in the latest technology within the industry and purchased its own security vehicles to offer its clients cash in transit services.

CEO, Fabio Muscat is awarded Malta’s Best Business Leader of the year, and Best Family Business Entrepreneur of the year at the Malta Best Entrepreneur of the year awards 2020.


OZO Group continued expanding its diversified portfolio through GEB Landscaping, a joint venture in Malta responsible for the upkeep and development of the Island’s public landscaping.

OZO Group opens it’s second international branch in Doha, Qatar, Ozo’s first venture in the Middle East. It was in 2023that OZO Group joined the Slave-Free alliance.


OZO Group further expanded its diversified portfolio by investing in Haileybury school in Malta.

OZO Group expanded its operations to Hungary after it was chosen to be the professional partner of an international group in Budapest.

OZO Group’s Chairman

In 1996, Mario Muscat was a man with an idea and enough drive to turn that dream into the success story that Ozo Group is today. True to his charismatic personality and simple roots, Ozo Group Chairman Mario Muscat set up a carpet and upholstery cleaning business which he ran from his son’s bedroom.

His business philosophy is “give the best possible service and take customer service seriously”. He believes that being a leader is more important than being a boss, and puts the wellbeing and happiness of his employees at the top of the agenda. This strong commitment to the people who work for him has kept Mario at the forefront of the mission to improve employment standards within the industry while maintaining a family environment within the company he built from the ground up.

In 2016, Mario’s effort and dedication were recognised when he received the ‘Malta’s Best Industry Entrepreneur of the Year’, and in 2019 he was awarded ‘Employer of the Year’.

One of the many qualities that set him apart as the chairman of such a successful venture is his charitable personality. Over the years, Mario has set up various foundations and partnered with several charitable organisations, including the President’s Malta Community Chest Fund.

His indomitable drive and perseverance have been key in the continued flourishing of Ozo Group, and together with his son Fabio as CEO at the helm, Mario Muscat will surely continue paving the way to new outstanding heights.

OZO Group’s CEO

In 2016, Fabio Muscat took over the position of Chief Executive Officer of Ozo Group exactly a decade after his father set up shop operating from his bedroom.

Following in his father’s footsteps, Fabio chose to stick to his humility and climb up the ladder from clerical positions to administration and finally leadership, a move which helped him grasp all the important aspects of the industry before taking his ultimate position at the helm. He graduated from Cambridge International College with a degree in business and management.

His leadership style is deeply rooted in his appreciation and prioritisation of giving his work a personal touch, clearly visible in the way he values employees and clients alike. This is the way Fabio ensures that Ozo Group continues to exceed expectations every single time.

His first major achievement upon his appointment was the completion of the Ozo Group business centre – a hub where all of the company’s employees can thrive. His drive, determination and will to succeed allowed Fabio to overcome every challenge and obstacle that he has faced, including the safeguarding of jobs for all employees during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In 2021, Fabio was the driving force in the expansion of the company overseas, a move which would be the first among many international ventures.

His innovation and open-mindedness have brought a fresh outlook to the company, while his knowledge of business concepts and his determination to keep in touch with trending business objectives have helped the business to continue expanding. In 2020, Fabio received the ‘Malta’s Best Family Business of the Year’ and ‘Malta’s Best Business Leader of the Year’ awards.

Today, he successfully manages the family business that his father and current chairman Mario Muscat built from the ground up. With his diligence and strong family values, Fabio effectively administers and oversees over 3,500 employees across the various companies within the group while ensuring that Ozo Group remains a pioneer and leader in the industry.

Anthony Fiorini

Chief Financial Officer

Wesley Zammit

Chief Officer Operations and Employment

Elaine Galea

Chief Officer Payroll and HR

Diana Salgado

Chief Officer - Quality & Training

Rachel Cachia

Head of Corporate and EA to CEO

OZO Business Centre

Situated in Qormi, Ozo Group’s Business Centre is one of Malta’s main industrial hubs, covering 5,000 square metres of office space. Following an investment of €2.5 million towards the space, the Business Centre was officially inaugurated on the company’s 25th Anniversary.

Prime Minister Robert Abela and Minister for Energy, Enterprise and Sustainable Development Miriam Dalli were present for the inauguration.

Ozo Group’s Business Centre has been catering for all of its companies under one roof since operations officially moved to the building in 2019. The building also houses Ozo Academy, a fully certified training centre that offers a variety of hands-on and theoretical courses with EU-recognised certifications. The Academy caters for both employees as well as people coming from outside the company, and helps students to build solid foundations and grow in their subject area while improving their skills and propelling their career forward, another recipe for success.

Overseas Expansion

Over its many years of experience, one quality that has set Ozo Group apart is the fearlessness and determination of its leaders, who have always remained focused on driving the company towards its growth and evolution.

In 2022, leadership knew that the next logical step was to expand operations internationally. In fact, this was the year that saw OZO opening its first international branch in Budapest, which has allowed OZO to offer its services to several international hotel chains in one of Europe’s most sought after capitals.

The plan for the coming years is for the company to consolidate its position in the local market while further expanding internationally. Ozo Group is confident that with its consistent investment in its employees and continued development on its solid foundations, the company will be able to reach and serve international clients while forging lasting commercial relationships based on mutual trust and positive regard.