Sponsorship of Junior Golf Competition

October 28, 2022

This morning, at the Royal Malta Golf Club, details were given about the competition that will be held next Sunday. During a news conference, the President of the Malta Golf Association, William Beck, explained how on Sunday 30 October, the Junior Golf Competition will be held and in which 32 boys and girls will participate. they are all under 16 years of age. Accompanied by the Chairman of PGA Malta, Henning Schulze-Doering and the Executive Director of the MGA, responsible for the Junior Academy, Doreen Balzan, Beck emphasized that Golf is one of the few sports that can be played by the whole family, at the same time. This while reminding how this sport is played in the most beautiful parts of the world. During his speech, the MGA President stressed that more people are continuing to increase their appreciation for golf because it is now approved to help both physical and mental health. William Beck thanked the official sponsors of the Junior Competition, Ozo Group, where he stated that it is thanks to sponsorships of this type, that the sport can continue to grow. He explained how Ozo Group not only provided funds for this sport but also 10,000 golf balls that are being used by the children’s academy during training. The President of the MGA stressed that the Junior Competition is a clear proof of what a positive difference this type of aid from the private sector makes.

Meanwhile, for his part, the Chairman of OZO Group, Mario Muscat, thanked the golf association for the chance he was given to help financially in this sport. Muscat said that he believes that education and sport can help our children stay away from addictions and build a bright future. “In our opinion, it is very important that any sports association in the country, doesn’t only focus on senior players and big competitions, but also gives priority to young players. Only this can ensure a bright future” said Mario Muscat.
During his speech, Mario Muscat praised the MGA’s initiative to introduce golf training for children from 4 years old, through its nursery. He wished the Golf Association the best success for this Junior Competition but above all he wished the best of luck to all the participants.

August 2, 2022

This morning, a news conference, organised by the women’s team of San Ġiljan Ozo Group ASC, who are preparing for the Knock Out final against Sliema ASC, was held at the offices of Ozo Group in Qormi.

The CEO of Ozo Group, Fabio Muscat, opened the news conference, and mentioned that Ozo Group, one of the leading companies in the hospitality and services industry, is honored to sponsor the San Ġiljan women’s team for the second year running. Fabio Muscat said that “all the employees of Ozo Group, are proud of this sponsorship because it serves as an opportunity to give added value to the community.” He also stated that it is an honor for the company to be associated with a club “which, as we are seeing this season, continued to show great potential.” In his message, the CEO of Ozo Group stated that “this sponsorship is much more than financial support and is seen as an investment in equality, an investment in the importance of sport in society, as well as encouraging the participation of women in sport in general but in particular in water polo.” As the final of the Knock-Out is just over 24 hours away, Fabio Muscat wished San Ġiljan ASC every success for this final and for the rest of the season.

The news conference was also addressed by Brian Schembri, a member of the San Ġiljan ASC committee in charge of the academy and the girls’ teams. Brian Schembri said that the team’s goal is to continue to be competitive, and to be the best team in Malta. Apart from that, he stressed that he wants the club to continue to be inclusive while continuing to encourage more girls to approach the game of waterpolo. Schembri, thanked Ozo Group for the financial support and said that without these arrangements, it would not have been possible for the club to reach its ambitions. In his message, the coach of the team, Gordan Zammit, said that this sport requires a lot of funds and stressed that he is happy to coach a team with the aim of the players reaching international levels. He said that he is very happy with the commitment of his players, who will do everything to win this final, although he stated that the team, has bigger plans for the future.
The Captain of San Ġiljan Ozo Group, Stephanie Tanti Desjardin, who was voted ‘Player of the Year’ in the past years, said that the level of the sport is rising and more girls are playing waterpolo. She emphasized that the motivation of the team is not only to win but to encourage more children to approach this sport. When she spoke about tomorrow’s final, Stephanie Tanti Desjardin said that the team is working hard but knows that the game can go either way and that it will be a difficult one in particular due to the fact that the team trains in sea water and will play a final in the national swimming pool in Tal-Qroqq.

Meanwhile, at the end of the news conference, the CEO of Ozo Group, Fabio Muscat, presented the Captain of San Ġiljan ASC, a gift of appreciation and wished the girls good luck for tomorrow’s final against Sliema ASC which will be played at the National Swimming Pool in Tal-Qroqq at 18:00.

Pink October Events

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Donations For Children 2020/21

Stationery Donation for Children in Need September 2, 2021
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February 3, 2021
OzoGroup is proud to help a cause close to our hearts, with a donation of €500 to RMJ’s Horse Rescue As a company, we operate from a place of gratitude and respect for our humble beginnings. With this in mind, we try to give back to the community and other NGOs where we can. Couldn’t help but share this lovely initiative by two young entrepreneurs; Ella and Maya, who are raising money to help the abandoned horses in our community at RMJ’s Horses. For more details or to donate head to this link >> https://www.rmjshorserescue.org/
April 7, 2021
This easter we recognised that empathy, care, love and good communication are part of our commitment on doing the right thing when it comes to our social responsibility. We would like to congratulate our CEO Fabio Muscat on the initiative towards fostering the welfare of the community and engage with our beloved ones, through gifting traditional Figolli in aid of Hospice Malta and empower their effort to fund St Michaels palliative care complex.

Thank You Malta

As market leaders, our commitment towards the community and society remains unchanged, that of leading the industry through example. Since the inception of our nationwide CSR initiative #thankyouMALTA we have hit the ground running assisting several communities and local councils in several cleaning and maintenance work around the Maltese Island.