GEB LANDSCAPING LTD, will be responsible for creating and maximising the aesthetic allure of Malta and Gozo’s natural environments as from the 1st of January 2023.
GEB Landscaping is backed by some of Malta’s most renowned brands in the industry; Ozo Group Company Ltd, V&C contractors, Derek Garden Centre and Sicilville S.R.L., combining over 30 years of experience in various fields and sectors, particularly in the industry of landscaping.
GEB is proud to be entrusted with beautifying Malta and Gozo. GEB will be working on various projects around the Maltese Islands such as the upkeep and development of public gardens, streets and roundabouts and many more green spaces, whilst remaining strongly committed at improving the environment for future generations.
The Directors and management are looking forward to welcome all employees currently working with the present contractor, as GEB strongly believes that they are the heart and soul of the journey that is yet to begin.
GEB Landscaping would like to thank Ambjent Malta and Malte Environment Landscaping Projects ‘MELP’ for their continues assistance in pursuit of a smooth and efficient transition.