Richmond Foundation: collaboration

True to our corporate values and our employee’s wellbeing.

Ozo Group has just partnered with Richmond Foundation – Malta.
Through this collaboration, all Ozo Group Employees will benefit from Mental Health Aid and complimentary counselling sessions.

As a group, we are determined to ensure that all our members of staff live fulfilling lives and have the availability of mental aid when the need arises, particularly through the uneasy times we are living.

Our CEO Fabio Luca Muscat opened up about his own personal experience and explained that we must all be aware when there is a problem, by understanding it and realizing that action must be taken.Mental health is a crucial determinant to overall health. Since the place of work is a huge part of every employee’s life, the presence of multiple stressors at work can give rise to a range of problems in both personal and professional lives. In the same way, struggling to cope with stress caused by personal issues may decrease the ability of performing well at work.