Junior Golf Competition

This morning, at the Royal Malta Golf Club, details were given about the competition that will be held next Sunday. During a news conference, the President of the Malta Golf Association, William Beck, explained how on Sunday 30 October, the Junior Golf Competition will be held and in which 32 boys and girls will participate. […]

San Ġiljan Ozo Group ASC

This morning, a news conference, organised by the women’s team of San Ġiljan Ozo Group ASC, who are preparing for the Knock Out final against Sliema ASC, was held at the offices of Ozo Group in Qormi.     The CEO of Ozo Group, Fabio Muscat, opened the news conference, and mentioned that Ozo Group, […]

One leaf at a time

GEB LANDSCAPING LTD, will be responsible for creating and maximising the aesthetic allure of Malta and Gozo’s natural environments as from the 1st of January 2023. GEB Landscaping is backed by some of Malta’s most renowned brands in the industry; Ozo Group Company Ltd, V&C contractors, Derek Garden Centre and Sicilville S.R.L., combining over 30 […]

Pink October #1

This month, it’s is all about pink! ?Every Friday, we are bringing several initiatives focused on raising the awareness about the impact of breast cancer. The only way to stop it is with early detection and research funding.That’s why we are not just raising the awareness, but also collecting donations for the cause.Stay tuned, a […]

Pink October #2

We are continuing our Pink October breast cancer awareness initiatives at Ozo Group.Last Friday we hosted a breakfast for our colleagues and we collected donations for the cause. Fresh fruit, yoghurts, muffins, croissants, and all the goodies to start Friday with an energized smile. Because not just raising the awareness for early detection is important, […]

Pink October #3

Pink Fridays are underway at Ozo Group, focused on raising wareness on Breast Cancer. To sweeten the day, we had fresh crêpes with several different fillings and toppings ? A Beer Pong competition is being hosted every Friday, and the teams are reaching the end of the tournament, we promise that there will be plenty […]

Pink October #4

It´s still Pink October, and our weekly initiatives towards breast cancer awareness don´t slow down. Last Friday we hosted a Pink Cocktail Competition with the contribution of our sponsors, judges and the Champion Bartender Panos Foteiadis. Cheers and well done to all the teams who participated! We are approaching the end of the month, focused […]

Pink October #5

The last Pink Friday arrived, summarizing a month filled with initiatives aimed at raising breast cancer awareness. Uniting all the activities, we closed our office at 1pm and served delicious pizzas for lunch, while directing the previous Beer Pong teams to a surprise Bra Pong tournament at the cafeteria. It was a tight competition with […]

Expanding Horizons

OZO Group organised its first employee seminar, themed ‘Expanding Horizons’. During the seminar; the group’s Chairman and Founder, Mario Muscat and CEO, Fabio Muscat, both shared milestones of the company, exciting new projects and stories from personal experiences. They encouraged their staff to go beyond their comfort zone, push boundaries and work on building a […]

Cultural Integration in the Workplace

A firm’s human resource is a major source of competitive advantage and thus an objective cannot be reached without a workforce. Being on an island where demand is higher than the supply an organisation has to invest in the employees’ satisfaction whilst also generating profit. In fact, it is argued that in today’s dynamic and […]