In 1996, OzoGroup’s Chairman Mr. Mario Muscat founded OzoSystem Ltd, and since then the company has evolved as a market leader in services industry.

OzoGroup comprises the following 12 companies; OzoMalta, OzoGozo, OzoAcademy, OzoSecurity, OzoSystem, OzoResources, OzoProperties, OzoHospitality, OzoChemicals, OzoCare, MJAM and HSCL.

The group today employs more than 2,200 dedicated employees, who have been professionally trained in-house at OzoAcademy.

Over the past 20 years, OzoGroup has obtained considerable professional experience and built a solid reputation in the service industry, which is what led to its 99% customer
retention rate.

OzoGroup is currently investing in new premises to continue the growth of the business and the facilities for its clients. We are also the first local company to encourage the largest employee union to reach out to our staff and recruit members.

Local OzoGroup opens the London Stock Exchange and signs on to ELITE

OzoGroup Chairman and Founder Mr Mario Muscat was invited to open the London Stock Exchange, on Tuesday 22 November, in acknowledgement of the company’s signing onto the London Stock Exchange Group’s (LSEG) Elite. OzoGroup was the first Maltese company to open the London Stock Exchange.

Another Grand Achievement for OzoGroup

OzoGroup is welcomed by The London Stock Exchange ELITE programme.

OzoGroup, is one of Malta’s Award winning leading Companies in the service industry.

Crowned champions by the European Business Awards, for Growth Strategy of the Year 2015/16 and also named National Public Champions for Malta.

Identified as the only Maltese Company that will be included in a landmark research report produced by the London Stock Exchange. The research has identified 1,000 fast growth companies that have not only grown their revenue but also out-performed their industry peers. The report, “1,000 Companies to Inspire Europe”, is a celebration of the most exciting and dynamic businesses in Europe.

The first and only company in the industry to obtain the ISO 9001 certification.

Our Companies

OzoGroup is one of Malta’s Award winning leading Companies in the service industry and is the mother company to 12 companies; OzoMalta, OzoGozo, OzoAcademy, OzoSecurity, OzoSystem, OzoCare, OzoProperties, OzoResources, OzoHospitality, OzoChemicals, OzoHSCL and MJAM.


OzoHSCL, is a company that employs a number of full and part-time employees and specialises in outsourcing hotel personnel.
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MJAM, is a company that employs a number of full and part-time employees and specialises in outsourcing hotel personnel.
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OzoHospitality, is a company that employs a number of full and part-time employees and specialises in outsourcing hotel personnel. This company has the added advantage that it can service the HORECA industry with employees during peak months and other important dates. The company already services a number of hotels and restaurants and is growing its network exponentially.
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Part of OzoGroup’s Vision for the continuation of growth and sustainability is to diversify and tap into other sectors and industries. In 2015, OzoGroup came across a golden opportunity to buy into one of Malta’s finest household detergent manufacturing companies. With a vision of further expansion, the intention is that a professional line for hotels and laundries is created.
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OzoProperties Ltd, is in the process of taking over a well-known condominium and property management company, that already has a good amount of condominiums on to its books. OzoProperties’ vision is to give unequalled experience and the quality and depth of resources to tackle any condominium challenge with confidence and ease while, at the same time, providing the attention, loyalty and partnership tenants deserve.
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OzoResources is an established company offering outsourcing services in several industries and sectors such as waste management, clerical, manufacturing and more. Our business takes care of essential support services, adding value on every step of the facilities management path, enabling our clients to concentrate on delivering their core strategies. OzoResources is part of a recognized group and uses the in-depth knowledge and understanding, delivering specialist and innovative solutions while working to global standards of best practice.
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Founded in 2013 and stationed in Qormi, OzoSecurity is rapidly growing within the industry and the growth is based on employing the best personnel for the job.
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Training has always been a fundamental foundation for the group’s success, consequently the group felt the need to invest in its own state of the art training academy. Founded in 2014 OzoAcademy is the only private academy of its kind.
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OzoMalta is a member of a larger organization known as OzoGroup, OzoMalta is the biggest entity within the group and an award winning 360 degree complete cleaning and hospitality Services Company.
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OzoGozo, is the latest addition to the group and OzoMalta’s counterpart in Gozo. Founded in 2016 the company has already proved to be a leading service company on the sister island of Gozo.
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OzoCare offers professional care services brought to you by the leading service provider OZOGROUP. The company serves as a bridge between assisted living solutions, hospitals and clinics and the elderly and allows people with special needs, the elderly and people suffering from dementia or other lifestyle hindering diseases, to remain in their homes, go for coffees or walks and continue their daily routine, resulting in a healthier life and less stress from having to change their lifestyle.
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OzoSystem Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Franchise has over 16 years of experience and high standard trained professionals, backed by state-of-the-art equipment, high-grade chemicals, which are all supported by safety data sheets and conforming with the latest European standards. OzoSystem will get the job done right.
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Our COmmitment

Quality Control

OzoGroup are backed by a professional Management Team to ensure that all our clients are fully satisfied with the service they receive.

Exceptional Standards

Our success is founded on the quality and consistency of our work. We take pride in everything that we do and are relentless in our perusal for exceptional standards.

Integrity, Trust & Respect

Much of what we do both as individuals and as a family of companies, we believe in operating with these three words as the foundation of all interactions.

Can-Do Attitude

The reputation we have created within our organisation, encourages us to go the extra mile. We are open to new ideas and innovations and will always think creatively to overcome challenges and develop robust solutions.

Our Commitment

Our business exists to serve and build a relationship with our clients. We’re committed to working closely with them and to understand their needs whilst developing high quality solutions yet remaining cost efficient.

Championing Our People

The biggest asset of OzoGroup are the human resources who provide the services for our clients. We are proud of the diversity of our workforce and have a strong track record of providing equal opportunities and treating people in a fair, open and honest manner.

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